uMake for
Graphic and
UX designers

What if you could create stunning 3D drawings, models, or even a VR/AR environment in your iPhone or iPad? uMake is a design app that can help you do just that.

How it works

uMake: Use hundreds of 3D models, textures, materials and more - just drag & drop

Drag & Drop Elements

uMake: Change the look and feel of your design by tweaking colors, textures, materials and more

Adjust Color, Texture and Materials

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uMake: Create high-quality renderings on your device and export them as photo, video or Augmented Reality

Render and Export

Easy 3D design.
For real.

What if you could bring any idea or creation to life in 3D without having to code, draw or fully understand 3D modeling? Thanks to uMake's improved UI, helpful video tutorials, and exciting new features, it's actually easier than ever.

Present & Publish

Whether you're presenting a new product concept or adding some visual flair to an existing feature, uMake's 3D tools make it easy for anyone in your organization to create, publish and share 3D imagery.
Explore, compare, and share different looks and perspectives with ease. Present ideas in style, too. Our latest release adds annotation tools and more powerful publishing.

Tools that empower you

uMake has the tools and features you need to achieve beautiful designs. Here are a few of our favorite tools in uMake.

uMake: Use hundreds of 3D models, drag & drop and create a 3D scene
Content Library

Drag & Drop from a rich library of pre-made 2D and 3D elements to quickly create the scene you need.

uMake: Import photos, png, jpg, obj, stl, 3d files, sketchup, skp, and use them in a 3D scene
Import Your Assets

Use assets created in other design environments, such as PNG or SVG files, and use them in 3D context.

uMake: Change colors, materials, textures or replace 3D elements with ease
Explore the possibilities

Play with your designs and explore possibilities. Tweak colors, textures and more.

uMake: Easily create 3D type using uMake text tool
3D Type

Create beautiful 3D typography and artwork using uMake's 3D text tool.

Learn uMake

uMake: Learn the basics of 3D design and uMake


uMake: Learn even more with uMake quick and to the point help videos

Help Videos

uMake: Step-by-Step video tutorials on how to create 3D models

How To

uMake: Quick and short tips & tricks about how to use uMake

Tips & Tricks

uMake: Get the latest updates about uMake


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