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Create 3D Typography

  1. Tap on the Text tool (T) and enter a text. Tap ✔ to finish.
  2. Stylize your text. Then, switch to the 3D tab and add depth to the text. Tap ✔ to exit the text tool.
  3. Tap Make Object. This will transform the text to a shape. Tap ✔ to finish.
  4. Double tap on each letter to select, then tap on Ungroup. Tap ✔ to finish or double tap outside the letter to deselect it.
  5. First, double tap on the front-facing surface of each letter and color it. Do the same for the back of the text.
  6. Switch to Front view. Draw a circle, then select and drag it until it touches the back of the text. Then, color it.
  7. Tap on Render Mode. Then, tap on Sun light from the Create panel and tap more options "..." to adjust its settings.
  8. Switch to Environment tab and set a background color. You can turn off the floor shadow from the Lights tab.

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