Make your
ideas shine

uMake's unique presentation tools empower you to showcase ideas and designs in the best possible light.





uMake is the first iOS app to offer on-device rendering. No more waiting for renders to finish in the cloud! Just tap on the sparkle button to start.

uMake: Create on-device realistic rendering on your iPad or iPhone image image image


uMake offers several handy lighting options to choose from. Each preset can be configured based on your needs. Adjust exposure as well as light source height and rotation angle. Change the mood in seconds by adjusting the color of the lighting.


Textures are great way to quickly add visual detail to your 3D models. Open the Textures tab and drag any available texture (or even an image of your own) onto your 3D models to apply.


The world is at your fingertips, literally! Change the scene entirely by changing the environment preset. This affects the appearance of all elements in the scene. Visualize objects in a studio setting, or outdoors under sunny skies.

Colors and Materials

When you change colors and materials, you instantly change the way an object appears and renders. Select an object and change its color, or drag and drop materials onto the object to add more depth or gloss.

uMake: Create beautiful presentation of your 3D models using Slides image image image


Now that you've created an amazing design, it's time to show it off! Create a beautiful presentation from a single 3D scene with the power of the Slides feature.

Save your favorite
views with ease

With the innovative Slides feature, you can quickly save any view and return to it with ease. Present your story from different angles!

Smart Slides

uMake slides aren't just sceenshots. They're powerful snapshots that can save all other properties and parameters in these views. You can create iterations from a single 3D scene by changing colors, materials, textures, lighting, layers, and more in a single slide. Turn a single design into many more with just a few taps.


The Markup tools are where the familiar, intuitive experience of sketching and the advanced and innovative world of 3D meet. You can quickly add annotations or completely remix a design by adding sketches over the 3D models.

image image
Add Annotations

Sometimes it's easier to explain things with a few arrows and notes. Using the Markup tool, you can easily add lines, circles, arrows, and more to highlight your designs and communicate your ideas.

Sketch and Paint over a 3D model

With the advanced and realistic iOS PencilKit toolkit, you can reimagine your 3D designs by adding 2D sketches on top of them. Sometimes it's quicker to simply sketch in the details instaed of modelling them. The Markup tools are just what's needed.

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