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Today's students and educators need accessible tools that engage them in the learning process and prepare them for the fast-approaching future.
uMake empowers students and educators to express and learn about each other's ideas within an innovative, easy-to-use platform.

How it works

uMake: Get started with 3D design and modeling by watching hundreds of help videos

Easy, Short Help Videos

uMake: Create 3D CAD drawings using the precision and dimension tools

Sketch or Model in 3D

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uMake: Create compelling 3D presentations using the slides tool

Present to your Class


A classroom is a place where you can bounce ideas around with people, a place where you can ask questions and find answers. This is the core idea that drove the creation of uMake: a creativity tool that takes you — wherever and whenever you want — back to the freedom, fantasy, and fun of first grade.

Present and

uMake is a modern, democratized presentation tool that enables everyone to use 3D data as part of a presentation or pitch. Now anyone can bring a story to life with 3D models and ideas. It's easy to create multiple slides based on a single model and quickly add your own annotations and sketches.

Tools that empower you

There are a number of tools and features that can help you achieve beautiful designs. Here are a few of our favorite tools in uMake.

uMake: Get an education license and start designing in 3D
Educational License

uMake offers an educational license for students and high-volume licensing for educational institutes.

uMake: Use hundreds of 3D models, drag & drop and create a 3D scene
Content Library

You don't need to learn how to draw. Just drag & drop elements to quickly form a 3D model.

uMake: Experience your designs in the real-worls using the augmented reality viewer or export your designs as USDz
Augmented Reality

Take your project to the next level by presenting it in the real world using augmented reality (AR).

uMake: Create precise CAD designs using the precision tool
Precision Tools

uMake provides precise drawing, measurement and dimensions tools, so you can accurately create a precise design.

Learn uMake

uMake: Learn the basics of 3D design and uMake


uMake: Learn even more with uMake quick and to the point help videos

Help Videos

uMake: Step-by-Step video tutorials on how to create 3D models

How To

uMake: Quick and short tips & tricks about how to use uMake

Tips & Tricks

uMake: Get the latest updates about uMake


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