uMake for
Architects &
Interior designers

Designing on the go can be challenging, especially when you can’t run Sketchup on your iPhone or iPad! uMake is the first 3D design app made for the creative professional on the go.

How it works

uMake: Upload SketchUp SKP file and edit it on your iPhone or iPad

Design from scratch or import SketchUp file

uMake: Use Push & Pull to create extruded 3d elements

Push & Pull

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uMake: Create hyper realistic renderings on your iPhone and iPad

Render on the Go

Faster Ideation.
Better Ideas

Once upon a time, fast iteration meant months, if not years. Working with pen and paper, you could only iterate within the physical limits of a piece of paper. And while digital work could be done in the cloud, it often took just as long. The simple answer is to bring the best of analog and digital technologies together into one product that opens up 3D design for everyone.
Built for iPad and iPhone, uMake combines the best features of 2D ideation techniques with a 3D modeling environment that fits in your pocket. You can use images, textures, photos, and imported files to create surfaces and push or pull to shape them. With many tutorials available, it's easy to get started. You can even import and edit your SketchUp files!

Make your
work shine

Present your work in the best light possible. Make your designs pop using the innovative on-device rendering feature, create beautiful slideshows using various camera views, colors, and more, or simply sketch in 2D to mark up your slides just like you would do on paper.

Tools that empower you

uMake has the tools and features you need to achieve beautiful designs. Here are a few of our favorite tools in uMake.

uMake: Import SketchUp SKP file format and edit them on your iPhone or iPad
Editing SketchUp Files

uMake is the only app that enables you to edit SketchUp files on the go. Import your SKP file and continue working in uMake.

uMake: Measure distance, angles and area on your iPhone or iPad with ease. Create Dimensions.
Measure & Dimension Tools

Review and document your architectural plans on the go with uMake's easy-to-use measurement and dimensioning tools.

uMake: Sketch in 3D with ease using uMake Freestyle tool. It's simple and easy
3D Sketching

Sketch freely in 3D like you would do on paper. Create 2D sketch planes and simply start sketching.

uMake: create 3D presentation - capture your 3D design from different angles and styles

The fastest way to get creative. Each slide can give you completely different looks using the same objects — less work, more iterations.

Learn uMake

uMake: Learn the basics of 3D design and uMake


uMake: Learn even more with uMake quick and to the point help videos

Help Videos

uMake: Step-by-Step video tutorials on how to create 3D models

How To

uMake: Quick and short tips & tricks about how to use uMake

Tips & Tricks

uMake: Get the latest updates about uMake


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