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Business owners

Product presentation is key to driving business success. Whether you're presenting new products or sharing new product ideas that will improve your business, uMake allows you to perform better.

How it works

uMake: Upload your 3D scanned product or existing design

Upload your product design, or use ready-made elements

uMake: Add your logo onto your 3D model product

Add your Logo

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uMake: Save and export your 3D design as a photo or as USDz for Augmented Reality AR

Share & Publish

Your Business.
Your Production.

If you want to create attractive, high-quality images or mockups featuring your products, uMake can make the whole process streamlined and easy. No need for fancy gadgets or complex software. Just drag your logo onto designs you've added to uMake and render!

Keeping your edge

Consider using augmented reality or 3D views in your plans and designs. Visualize your ideas in real-life context, or preview a product design to make sure it'll be as amazing as hoped!

Tools that empower you

uMake has the tools and features you need to achieve beautiful designs. Here are a few of our favorite tools in uMake.

uMake: Create 3D text with ease
3D Text

Create beautiful typography and 3D text that grabs attention and conveys key info.

uMake: Iterate and present your ideas, weather it's a new logo or a new room
Present your ideas

Create a slideshow to beautifully present your product and business ideas from multiple angles.

uMake: Add annotations and shapes onto your 3D designs to make your message clearer
Make your mark

Scribble and annotate right on your 3D designs as you brainstorm together.

uMake: Measure your new office, restaurant, kitchen or product using the uMake measurement tools
Measurement Tools

If you need to reorganize your store or measure how your product would fit in the real world, uMake has measurement tools that can help.

Learn uMake

uMake: Learn the basics of 3D design and uMake


uMake: Learn even more with uMake quick and to the point help videos

Help Videos

uMake: Step-by-Step video tutorials on how to create 3D models

How To

uMake: Quick and short tips & tricks about how to use uMake

Tips & Tricks

uMake: Get the latest updates about uMake


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