We are uMake

Awarded ‘iPad Pro App of the Year’ and Editor’s Choice on the App Store, uMake lets CAD professionals and 3D modeling enthusiasts create immersive 3D content on the go.

uMake: About the uMake app, the uMake team and company
Our History

How It Started

uMake was dreamed up by developers, designers, and engineers who worked with the previous generation of design tools and CAD software -- in fact, co-founders Evi M. and Erik S. helped build them! We saw how these tools opened up personal and professional opportunities for us. But we also wanted to bring these possibilities to the world in a more accessible and empowering way, so Evi and Erik started building uMake from their homes in Israel. The local culture of excellence and reinvention that inspired us continues to be part of the uMake ethos today.

Apple Keynote - Phil Schiller presentes uMake for the first time
uMake - Apple App Store Best of 2015
uMake - Apple Keynote 2015
uMake - 3D Printed Car Drawing
uMake - First Beta Drawing

Product Creation

Seeking opportunities for growth, uMake eventually moved to Silicon Valley. Here, we added valuable team members and pushed our project ahead. We knew we'd reached a significant milestone when uMake was featured in the 2015 Apple iPad Pro Keynote event. We're continuing to innovate by exploring ways to improve uMake as a tool for the future.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone can create powerful 3D experiences that reflect the creativity of the three-dimensional lives we live.

Design without barriers

Designing in 3D shouldn't have to require extensive training, expensive software, and complicated computers. We created uMake as a way for both novices and pros to examine, learn, imagine, make and share in 3D, any time, anywhere.

Next-gen 3D design

It's time for a new generation of 3D design tools, one that expands the horizons of what design software can be and do. Our vision of an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn and yet powerful and comprehensive tool is making uMake a favorite among creators of all skill levels and all walks of life.

Beyond design

We want uMake to be more than a design tool: we envision a creative environment that helps people explore, ideate, and connect. It's not just about making 3D things, but about allowing you to be more naturally and fully creative in every dimension.

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