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Create a 3D Logo

  1. Open the Create panel, then tap on the Items tab. Tap the + button to create a new layer. Tap the ... button and select Rename and change the layer name to Logo
  2. Tap on the Add tab. Tap Uploads. Tap the upload button and add an image of your logo. Press & drag the image to the canvas
  3. Switch back to the Items tab. Tap the ... button. Then, select Opacity and set the opacity of the layer to 35%
  4. Tap + to add a new layer and rename it to 3D Logo. Swipe left on the previous layer (Logo) to quickly lock it
  5. Sketch using the Precision tool over the logo image and create a closed shape (until you see a surface created)
  6. Orbit the camera. Tap once on the surface of the closed shape. Pull 10mm forward. Tap ✓ to complete
  7. Use the Lasso tool to select all elements. Tap the Corner tool and smooth the shape edges. Tap ✓ to complete
  8. Use the Lasso tool to select all elements. Tap Group. Switch to Front view and tap the Copy tool. Move the shape to create a copy
  9. Toggle-off the Layer Logo by tapping once on the checkmark or lock icon to the right of the layer name. Tap on Render button for high-quality view

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