uMake Beta Program

Help us improve uMake and join the Beta program to try the latest from uMake!
We would love to have you test the new features, enhancements and more.

* Available for uMake subscribers only

uMake: Join the uMake Beta Program


Install uMake Beta

Thank you for your interest in joining the uMake Beta program! Please follow these simple steps:

Join the uMake Beta TestFlight list: Click here to get the Beta version via TestFlight.

  • We’re using Apple’s TestFlight to release the beta versions. If you don't have TestFlight installed on your device yet, you can do it from the TestFlight App Store page.

Chat with the uMake team and community members

Join our uMake Community on Slack to chat with our team members and other uMake community members. Fill out your email address to get an email invitation to join the Slack channel: Chat with us and join the uMake Community on Slack.

What happens next?

Once a new beta version is out, you’ll get an email notification from Apple TestFlight inviting you to test uMake. Accept this invitation, and you’ll see uMake available in the TestFlight app. Tap on ‘GET’ to download this version on your iPad or iPhone.

Feedback and Bug Reporting

To deliver a great experience in the App Store version of uMake, we will need your feedback! Once you find a bug or if you have any feedback on new features, please use the Slack channel to send the team a message about a bug or a feature suggestion you might have.

Subscription in the Beta version

Restoring an existing subscription

This isn’t available in the Beta version, you’ll have to “purchase” a subscription, which leads to the next point.


In the Beta versions of uMake, in case the uMake app shows that there isn’t an active subscription, please subscribe to any of the plans. Any purchase that happens on the TestFlight Beta version is not real, and you won’t be billed in any way.

We are looking forward to chatting with on the uMake Community Slack channel and to get your feedback about the latest features!

Thank you,

The uMake Team

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